In 2005 I started to gather info about immigration from China, because I met a woman there.

And I managed to get a staying permit for her, just before the IntegrationTest in the homecountry was introduced .4 Months after her arrival in Holland our son was born.

I was member at several Immigration sites, and got more involved with European study.

Now after studying European Law, regulations and Directives, I’m able to advise people about the possibillities of Immigration, and the boobytraps.

And how to use your rights as an European citizen.

Since about 3 years I have a legals Advising Bureau, to help people with legal problems, and the struggle with Dutch Immigration and Embassys to get a staying permit.

From February 2013 we started  Welfare For Migrants,, to be able to help more people , students, asylumseekers a.s.o with their problems.

And we are going to offer language courses,meetings and an Infodesk.

In one month we managed to get 6 staying permits for  clients, so the ball is rolling. Due to contacts at Embassy, and working together with Governmental  Foundations and Extragovernmental foundations.